Monday, June 30, 2008

Stuck Filter Removal

Filter rings are generally made from either aluminum or brass. Lens barrels, particularly the threads to which filters attach, are usually made from aluminum.

Filter rings, particularly aluminum ones, can sometimes "bind" to the aluminum lens threads and be difficult to remove.

Aluminum is a relatively soft metal; attempting to remove a stuck filter by squeezing with the hand generally puts a lot of inward pressure on just the two areas being gripped; this can bend and deform both the filter ring and the lens threads, permanently weakening or damaging both and making the filter even more difficult to remove.

Methods should be employed that apply pressure evenly around the filter ring.

Typically this is achieved either by use of a filter wrench or by cupping the filter ring and front of the lens with a piece of fabric to protect them and provide friction, then pressing the combination against a hard surface and twisting the lens barrel.

Other aids to stuck filter removal include using either a tightened rubber band or shoelace around the rim of the filter to improve grip.