Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flash Technique

A flash is commonly used indoors as the main light source when there is not enough ambient light for a desired shutter speed.

A fill flash or fill-in flash is a low powered flash added to ambient light to illuminate a subject close to the camera while using an exposure long enough to capture background detail.

Another technique is to point a flash upwards onto a reflective surface, which may be a white ceiling or a flash umbrella, which reflects light onto the subject; this is called bounce flash.

creates a more natural light effect than direct flash without glare in the highlights and impenetrable shadows, but requires more flash power than a direct flash.

Part of the bounced light can be also aimed directly on the subject by "bounce cards" attached to the flash unit which increase the efficiency of the flash and illuminate shadows cast by light coming from the ceiling. It's also possible to use one's own palm for that purpose, resulting in warmer tones on the picture, as well as eliminating the need to carry additional accessories.

Some camera manufacturers may be considering the inclusion of a built-in bounce flash within the body of a camera with automated features to assist the user in obtaining a bounced light effect without spending time to set up and direct external flash devices.

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