Friday, June 13, 2008

Bracketing Exposure

Without further qualifications, the term bracketing usually refers to exposure bracketing: the photographer chooses to take one picture at a given exposure, one or two brighter, and one or two darker, in order to select the most satisfactory image.

Many professional and advanced amateur cameras, including digital camera, can automatically shoot a bracketed series of pictures.

Exposure bracketing is indicated when dealing with high-contrast subjects and/or media with limited dynamic range, such as transparency film or CCD sensors in many digital cameras.

When shooting using print film, the person printing the pictures to paper must not compensate for the deliberately underexposed and overexposed pictures.

If a set of photos are bracketed but are then printed using automated equipment, the equipment may assume that the camera or photographer made an error and automatically "correct" the shots it determines are "improperly" done.

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